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How many tenses are there in the English language? The experts disagree. I like talking about 16 tenses. I have actually written them on one page. You can download them for free. It is a pdf "tenses in english" which can be found on my homepage: http://www.englischunterricht.de

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Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

How I started

1989 - Present (Teacher): Used intrapersonal, interpersonal, group and cultural communication skills while teaching many subjects. Help to facilitate the learning experience. Developed instructional objectives. Prepared, implemented and evaluated instructional objectives for a variety of learning outcomes. Pressured students as it pertains to entry competencies and capabilities. Motivated students to learn and work harder. Researched and developed creative and innovative approaches to teaching and tried the same in the classroom. Integrated Time-Phase while balancing contingency policy. Monitored functional options. Synchronized incremental concepts with total reciprocal capability. Planned and organized activities to assist in the learning process. Provided individual and group counseling. Disciplined students. Provided administrative and any other assistance necessary for good teacher and student interaction. Provided instruction to help enhance the educational opportunities and performances of student interaction. Provided instruction to help. Known for being well read. Have professional experience in the educational process, guiding students to achieve mastery of skills and realization of their own goals and objectives pertaining to communication, negotiating, persuasion, telephoning, presenting, business meetings... Managed classroom. Chaired meetings. Have professional experience in lessons, workshops and seminars design and delivery, including facilitation of an employee training program. Designed and presented seminars for managers and other professionals. Developed learning material. Trained professionals working at the aforementioned organizations. Used internet and virtual classroom to train participants. Worked with state of the art technology. Developed a reputation for excellent communication skills, reliability, superior performance and appearance. Born with the gift of gab and sense of humor. Perfected the same...

So I have:

EFL Certification, Teaching English As A Foreign LanguageMastered Curriculum:

*The English Language

*Language Teaching Methods

*Print / Audio-Visual Material & Aids

*Linguistic Levels & Lesson Content

*The Four Language Skills

*English Grammar

*Classroom Management

*Error Analysis and Correction

*Lesson Planning

*Pronunciation & Phonetics

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